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Frequently Asked Questions

What should I expect when visiting Leap of Faith?

We provide close-in parking -- those with special needs as well as guests are given front row spaces.  Once you're through the front doors, expect a warm greeting, assistance with any questions, and help finding a seat.   The worship service, usually under an hour, is simple -- singing, prayers, Bible reading, and sermon.  For the time being, we provide family tables in the sanctuary so that those with children in their household can sit together and enjoy quiet crafts and coloring during the service

What type of music/worship do you offer?

All kinds of music — traditional hymns, folk songs, praise choruses and many others — are led sing-a-long style by the Leap of Faith Band

What's the dress code?

Most people dress informally or casually — jeans are fine, but if you're on your way to a dressier event after worship,  that works, too.  We're just happy to see you.

I'd like to impact the future at LOFC.  How can I do that?

If you’d like to give a gift of your financial resources, you can be sure that you’ll not only be impacting the future of LOFC but also sharing care and compassion with those in our local community and far beyond. An offering may be made online in various ways.  These can be found on our home page.

What if I'd like to commit to becoming a member? How do I do that?

At Leap of Faith, being a member of the church means being part of a community of faith that follows Jesus Christ as he leads us to life with God. Baptism is the beginning of this relationship, and it’s followed by making a commitment to support the church, the Body of Christ, by praying, by worshiping, by giving, and by serving. To find out more and to ask questions, contact our pastor, Virgie Holbrook, at or (903)821-4505.

What if what I want to ask isn't listed here?

All you need to do is contact Pastor Virgie Holbrook at or  (903)821-4505. She’ll be glad to hear from you.

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